Hi, I’m Emily,  I’m a recovering news addict and one of the most obsessed people you will ever meet!  What am I obsessed with?  I’ll get to that.

Right now I work as a spokesperson and social media expert for a Fortune 200 company. I spend my spare time on my obsessions.

I grew up in Athens, Greece, and have had the pleasure of getting to travel all over the world. Thanks to my career in TV news, now I can say I’ve seen most of the U.S too. I blame all that exposure for the obsessions which are 1.) Anything related to fashion (read more here on my blog) and 2.) An insatiable desire to help homeless and abused dogs.

If I have one message for you to take away from all this, here it is: please don’t buy animals from pet stores! Remember all the beautiful, innocent, pure-bred faces you can find at your local shelters. If you live in Florida come by and visit Big Dog Ranch Rescue. I believe it’s the best doggie shelter in the world!

I hope you enjoy my site and blog, and thank you so much for reading!

I’m also obsessed with social media (duh)! Follow me on instagram, pinterest, twitter, and like me on facebook!